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B Celtic/Amara

with additional bottomnotes in stainless steel

B Celtic with additional bottom notes in stainless steel. Beautiful calming pan with nice sustain, nice to play the celtic vibe in a lower pan with extra possibility's thanks to the 2 extra bass notes and the higher notes at the bottom.

 B) (D E) F# A B C# D E F# (A) B (C# D E)

You can order the handpan in materials: ember steel, stainless steel for the comparison video of the material


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B Celtic/Amara
With bottomnotes
Price incl VAT  2250 euro
            exl VAT  1859,50 euro
Outside the EU the prices are without 21% VAT
For the instruments we ask a deposit of 350 euro's you can pay it at the payment button below 

Thank you for your order!

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