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handpan tunen stemmen


The handpan is a new instrument of its time, with tuned harmonics the metal radiates pure and magical tones with sustain that give relaxation and joy to the player and listener.

Let music become a free and play intuitive with just the touch of your hands. There are no rules or barriers just a constant flow of dancing through the infinite journey within, carried by the harmonic orchestra of the singing steel.

A great joy arises!

Find your own path, exploring the sounds of steel can be an intimate experience that can bring you in a deeper state of being.

Here you will find something that hardly can be expressed in words...


My name is Nathan and my journey with hammering steel started years ago where i had the dream to play one of these instruments myself.

In that time it was really hard to get your hands on a quality instrument so i had the vision to start building them myself.

With the vision of the right sound, feel and shape in mind, slowly my instruments started to get to there final form.

For me it's really important that the sculptures have a deep and warm sound, where they also have an organic touch to hands.

So as of today i'm very proud to present you my work and feel blessed that a lot of people are experiencing joy with my creations! 

Sunyata, translated into English most often as emptiness and sometimes voidness, is a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings depending on its doctrinal context. It is either an ontological feature of reality, a meditation state, or a phenomenological analysis of experience.


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