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Full price: €1700,-

Deposit: €300,-


Sunyata Handpan

F3) G3 Ab3 C4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5 Eb5


You can order the handpan in materials: ember steel, stainless steel and nitraded steel.


You can also add bottom notes on your instrument, Bass bottom notes are €175,- each and mid and high notes are €125,-.


Keep your instrument safe in one of our softcases (€120,-) or hardcases (€150,-).

You get a Phoenix handpan oil with each instrument, oil the handpan regularly to maintain the instrument.


If you have questions about payment, color, 432 hz, if you want a custom handpan, extra/bottom notes or other questions you can contact me on the contactpage. 


After you made your order you get an invoice between 1 and 4 workdays.

F Pygmy

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